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Scoliosis is a complex condition that manifests uniquely in each patient. That's why accurate diagnosis, comprehensive analysis, and tailored treatment plans are crucial. At Elite Chiropractic, a leading CLEAR™ Scoliosis Treatment Center, we utilize the cutting-edge treatment protocols developed by the renowned CLEAR™ Institute, a nationally recognized leader in effective scoliosis treatment for kids and adults.

The CLEAR(TM) Scoliosis Difference: Providing Unique and Effective Scoliosis Care

CLEAR(TM) Scoliosis Institute is a non-profit organization formed with one purpose: to develop protocols that effectively correct scoliosis without surgery.

At CLEAR(TM), correction is achieved through a unique chiropractic system designed especially for the scoliotic spine. Their mission is to implement this superior system of scoliosis care worldwide, changing the lives of scoliosis patients through state-of-the-art care, innovative research, specialized techniques and spinal rehabilitation.

Why CLEAR(TM) Certified Scoliosis Doctor?

Mission, Results, Reputation.

At Elite Chiropractic, a CLEAR™ Scoliosis Treatment Center, our reputation is built upon our results, and our mission–providing people with an effective, natural, alternative to surgery–is too important to leave anything up to chance. For this reason, CLEAR(TM) Scoliosis Institute requires an exhaustive and comprehensive certification process before a doctor is allowed to call themselves a “CLEAR(TM) Certified Scoliosis Doctor.”

When you choose Elite Chiropractic for your scoliosis care, you're choosing a team dedicated to providing exceptional treatment tailored to your unique curvature. Our comprehensive approach, guided by the renowned protocols of the CLEAR™ Institute, allows us to deliver personalized care that focuses on improving your spinal health and overall well-being.

Take the first step towards a straighter, healthier spine. Contact Elite Chiropractic today to schedule a consultation with our experienced team and discover the transformative power of CLEAR™ Scoliosis Treatment.

Gentle Scoliosis Care

The CLEAR(TM) Institute was founded in 2000 by Dr. Dennis Woggon, of St. Cloud Chiropractic Clinic. Dr. Woggon’s passion to find a non-invasive treatment for scoliosis was fueled from his experience treating a close friend and colleague’s daughter with severe scoliosis. Since its inception, CLEAR(TM) has been a patient-centered organization dedicated to providing better alternative treatment options for people with scoliosis. CLEAR(TM) Institute honors and cherishes each of these doctors, because for them this organization represents more than opportunity; it represents hope for chiropractic treatment for scoliosis.

Image of X-Ray Scoliosis Curve Progression

The CLEAR(TM) Method of Reducing and Stabilizing Scoliosis Curve Progression Consists of 3 Basic Principles Called MIX-FIX-SET.

The mix component is designed to induce cyclical motion and low frequency vibration into the ligamentous structures of the spine. By first unlocking the curvature of the spine through mixing, it allows the doctor a better opportunity for the specific adjusting protocols to take effect. The Fix and Set component overlap and consist of specific spinal adjustments performed by hand, with precision instrumentation, and with drop mechanisms. The Fix and Set procedures of therapy for scoliosis continue using advancements in traction combined with de-rotation of the spine. The protocol uses vibrational neuro-muscular re-education and exercises as its final set procedure.

Real Patients. Real Results.

Dr. Collin Hilliard, DC

Dr Collin Hilliard


CLEAR ™ Institute Certified Chiropractor

A native of New Mexico, Dr. Collin studied Pre-Med at the University of New Mexico before earning his Doctor of Chiropractic Degree from Parker College of Chiropractic in 2002.

Dr. Collin Hilliard, a 3rd generation Chiropractor, has made a significant impact since the establishment of Elite Chiropractic. Serving the Austin area, he has brought relief to hundreds of individuals struggling with scoliosis, stress injuries, joint pain, allergies, migraines, and various other conditions. Expanding his reach in 2020, Dr. Hilliard started offering appointments in Irving, extending his compassionate care to a new community of patients.

Dr. Hilliard is the first Chiropractor in the region to receive his certification from one of the nationally recognized leaders in scoliosis treatment, CLEAR Scoliosis Institute. With cutting-edge techniques to provide people with scoliosis treatment that is an effective, viable alternative to bracing and surgery, Dr. Hilliard’s skill and expertise makes him one the most accomplished chiropractors in the Austin area for treating scoliosis.

Outside of his professional life, Dr. Hilliard finds joy in hunting, fishing, mountain biking, working out, and cruising on his Harley.

A Natural Wellness Philosophy

Dr. Hilliard firmly believes that the body has an innate ability to heal itself naturally, guided by a healthy lifestyle and chiropractic care. His own journey, characterized by a commitment to a nourishing diet, regular exercise, and chiropractic practices, serves as a testament to the potential of embracing wellness without reliance on prescription drugs or invasive procedures.

Our Services

Precision X-Rays

Precision X-Rays

The first step in the CLEAR™ Protocols involves gathering information about the biomechanical function of the entire spine – not just the area(s) affected by scoliosis. It is important to understand what is occurring in the neck and hips in order to affect the middle of the spine.

CLEAR Protocol

CLEAR™ Protocol

Scoliosis involves complex biomechanical abnormalities beyond the lateral bend in the spine. Effective treatment requires recognizing, identifying, and quantifying the contributing conditions. The CLEAR™ method acknowledges this complexity and utilizes protocols known as Mix, Fix, Set.

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ScoliBrace is a highly effective corrective brace that guides the body and spine into a posture that counteracts the shape of scoliosis. In the majority of cases, it helps achieve curve reduction while enhancing the overall body appearance.

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Ongoing Scoliosis Care

Ongoing Scoliosis Care

Treating scoliosis, a complex spinal disorder, is comparable to redirecting the path of a runaway train. It necessitates a gradual slowdown of the progression and a subsequent shift in the course of the disease, which both require dedicated time and effort.

Free Scoliosis Treatment Consultation

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Join us for a complimentary consultation and get all your questions answered regarding scoliosis treatment. Our experienced team will assess your condition, discuss advanced treatment options, and address your concerns.

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Personalized Scoliosis Care Tailored to Your Curvature

We understand that every scoliosis case is different. That's why our expert team at Elite Chiropractic takes a personalized approach to scoliosis care. Through precise diagnosis and in-depth analysis, we evaluate the individual curvature of each patient's spine, enabling us to design a customized treatment plan that addresses their specific needs and goals.

Signs and Symptoms of Scoliosis

What to Look For If You Suspect Your Child Has Scoliosis

Scoliosis, if left untreated in childhood, can severely affect an individuals’ quality of life as an adult with chronic pain, diminished mobility, range of motion, and reduced cardiac
and pulmonary functions.

One shoulder is higher

One hip may be higher

The body tilts to one side

The waist appears uneven.

One shoulder blade may stick out more.

Ribs may stick out more on one side.

The head doesn’t look like it is over the pelvis.

Infant, Child, Teen, & Adult Scoliosis Care


Free Scoliosis Consultation: Get Answers to Your Questions!

If you or your loved one is seeking effective scoliosis care, trust the experts at Elite Chiropractic. Our team is here to provide personalized care, support, and a path toward a straighter, healthier spine.

Contact us today to schedule a consultation and discover how we can assist you, whether it's through our expertise in the CLEAR(TM) method or our ability to provide ScoliBrace treatment for adults, children, and infants.


I would highly recommend Dr. Collin. We are so hopeful and thankful now. Anyone who may be facing Scoliosis it is a journey and highly recommend visiting him. After seeing Dr. Collin my daughter shared that she now really understands and is no longer afraid of it. ❤

- Laura N.

I'd recommend anyone to Dr. Collin Hilliard. He is goal oriented and looking for results. He explains well and looks for options, if your case is special.

I went to Dr Hilliard in Irving, Tx. ( I'd been to the Austin Clinic before) and I've been very pleased. I had a 30 degree curve and I'm down to 16 degrees. I hope to get under 10 before the year is over. I have no pain and I'm so happy. It's changed my life for the better.

- Kathren B.

Very professional and great to work with. We are so glad we found this center and are pleased on how much this scoliosis treatment has improved our son’s back. We feel like we have come to the right place.

- Milk & Juniper

My daughter and I spent 2 weeks with Dr. Hilliard and the results of my daughter's scoliosis were truly remarkable! I am so grateful we found the Scoliosis Treatment Center versus jumping into a surgery for my 15 year old. Please check this treatment before considering an irreversible no guarantee invasive surgery.

- Robert P.

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