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Mix, Fix, Set

Scoliosis is a complex condition where the spine has abnormal curves, not just the usual sideways bend. To treat it effectively, it's essential to understand and measure the different factors contributing to the problem. The CLEAR™ method is a comprehensive approach for managing scoliosis, consisting of a series of protocols called Mix, Fix, Set.

"The "MIX" Phase

Introducing the Wobble Chair, also known as the Active Rehabilitation Chair, which plays a crucial role in the "Mix" stage of our treatment process.

Wobble Chair

This innovative chair is strategically designed on a pivot, enabling diverse movements that facilitate the infusion of vital nutrients into the spinal discs, leading to improved range of motion. By utilizing the Wobble Chair, we generate gentle motions that effectively raise the core temperature of the spine and render it more flexible, enhancing the overall effectiveness of our MIX procedures.

Particularly in individuals past puberty, providing nutrients to spinal discs becomes challenging, and motion becomes the key to maintaining their health. In cases of scoliosis, where the discs are prone to wedging and immobility, this becomes even more vital. Our Wobble Chair sessions typically last around 5 minutes, contributing significantly to the success of the treatment.

Benefits of Vibrating Traction (V/T) as the Next Step in Our Mix Process.

Vibrating Traction (V/T) is an integral part of our Mix process, carefully designed to provide relaxation to your spinal ligaments, tendons, and discs. Our approach is backed by scientific research conducted by spinal biomechanics specialists, who have identified specific vibrational frequencies that effectively induce relaxation in these areas.

During the treatment, patients comfortably lie down with the V/T device positioned under their neck or lower back, allowing the slow, even frequency vibrations to transmit to the spine. The gentle vibrating motion is often felt flowing up and down the spine, delivering a soothing sensation. Patients typically enjoy 15-20 minutes of this therapy during each session, finding it highly relaxing and beneficial.

Vibrating Traction (V/T)

The Power of Wall Traction - The Next Step in Effective Treatment!

Wall Traction

With the aid of a cervical traction unit, we gently apply traction to the spine, promoting the infusion of essential nutrients into the cervical disc.

This transformative process works to restore your spine's natural sagittal curves, playing a vital role in reducing the overall severity of scoliosis.

By optimizing the biomechanics of your spine, we aim to bring lasting relief and improved well-being. Each session involves a cyclic motion, with patients repeating the process 100 times in just 5 minutes.

Core Muscle Stim - Effective Percussive Massage Therapy

Experience the transformative power of Core Muscle Stimulator, an FDA-approved percussive massage therapy (tapotement) since 1988. This remarkable method is specifically designed to relax the tight and guarded core postural muscles commonly affected by scoliosis. Extensively researched with hundreds of pages of supporting data, it has been proven to be an impressive 68% more effective in reaching deep muscle groups.

In just 30 seconds, this therapy releases muscle tension by up to 65%, providing rapid relief. Widely endorsed by physical therapists, rehabilitation experts, and even professional sports teams, Core Muscle Stim ensures a safe yet challenging treatment targeting overworked and sore muscles. Rest assured, the discomfort is no more than that experienced during a deep tissue massage. Many of our delighted patients report improved sleep habits and decreased muscle pain following this therapy, which typically takes 5-10 minutes.

Scoliosis Leander Eckard Table - Advanced Flexion/Distraction Therapy

Our cutting-edge scoliosis Eckard table utilizes motorized flexion/distraction to apply continuous passive motion, specifically targeting areas of inherent rigidity at the apical regions of the scoliotic spine. Resting face down on the table, the patient benefits from customized scoliosis brackets and purpose-designed straps, carefully applying forces to induce a configuration that counters your unique scoliosis x-ray, effectively straightening and de-rotating the spine.

Throughout the session, the specially applied straps gently pull the spine into a straighter alignment, while the bottom half of the table's repetitive up-and-down motion initiates movement in the spinal segments that were previously locked in position. By strategically stressing the inside of the curve, this process gradually loosens muscles and shortened ligaments, simultaneously promoting the infusion of vital nutrients into the wedged discs typically associated with the apical region of the scoliotic curve.

Sessions on the Eckard table typically last between 10-20 minutes, providing ample time for this targeted therapy to take effect.

Scoliosis Lander Eckard Table - Advanced Flexion/Distraction Therapy

The Final "Mix" Procedure - Mechanical Drop Piece (MDP)

The Final "Mix" Procedure - Mechanical Drop Piece (MDP)

The Mechanical Drop Piece (MDP) is the last essential component of our Mix process. Operating at the same vibrational frequency as the Vibration Traction (V/T), the MDP specifically targets the thoracic and pelvic spine in an axial/coronal plane, addressing translation and rotation issues.

Using a large fulcrum, the MDP efficiently tackles more extensive spinal angles, applying increased force and displacement to target the substantial ligaments of the pelvic girdle. This specialized approach effectively reduces rotation in the sacral base and innominate, promoting improved alignment and function.

Experience the power of the Mechanical Drop Piece (MDP) and witness the significant impact it can have on your spine's overall alignment and stability.

The "FIX" Phase

Precision Adjustments

As we move into the "Fix" stage of our treatment process, we ensure that the supporting spinal structures are loosened and pliable, creating an optimal environment for effective adjustments. Our skilled chiropractors employ safe and specific techniques using precision adjusting instruments and drop pieces, carefully guiding your spine into proper alignment.

Each adjustment is based on a thorough analysis of your unique x-ray configuration, resulting in a tailored approach that caters to your individual needs. Leveraging 41 different measurements and 23 distinct angles derived from your initial x-rays, our method of adjusting is backed by extensive clinical research conducted by numerous doctors. The CLEARTM Scoliosis Institute has curated the most effective findings from this research and applied them to address the specific complexities of the scoliotic spine.

The "SET" Phase (Neuromuscular Education)

The last stage of treatment is labeled the “Set” phase. It is a combination of exercise therapies designed to strengthen the postural muscles responsible for maintaining the achieved correction.

The Scoliosis Traction Chair

The first part of the “Set” phase is the Scoliosis Traction Chair, it combines traction with derotation and lateral traction to create a mirror-image position of the scoliotic spinal configuration. Whole-body vibration is used simultaneously to help the body erase its old programs and patterns of behavior, and re-train the brain and body to work together to achieve lasting correction. The Scoliosis Traction Chair is the ultimate tool in addressing the three-dimensional deformities that occur in scoliosis.

The STC combines de-rotation, lateral traction and spinal unweighting to remove the stress of gravity and allows the patient to effectively “work-out” in a scoliosis-free environment to help correct the spine in all three planes. The high frequency vibration therapy built-in to the chair causes the muscles of the spine to contract much higher than normal ensuring stimulation of the neuromuscular pathways. This usually takes 20-30 minutes.

The Scoliosis Traction Chair

Relocking the Spine - Activating Natural Reflexes for Lasting Alignment

Relocking the Spine - Activating Natural Reflexes for Lasting Alignment

In the transformative "Set" phase, we prioritize relocking the spine to establish stability. Once the spine has been expertly loosened and repositioned, we initiate a specialized cantilever system or precise weights, strategically designed to activate your body's innate righting reflexes. Specially crafted for scoliosis, these cantilever systems generate subconscious reactions, challenging your scoliotic spine and neurological reflexes. As a result, your torso, pelvis, and head naturally reposition and shift into a more favorable alignment.

Through these innovative exercises, we specifically target the deep intrinsic spinal muscles of your scoliosis, compelling them to become more active and responsive to increased demands. Over time, your body adapts, gradually holding itself in a straighter position. Each session of this effective technique typically lasts for 10-20 minutes.

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